Test the behaviour of your web facing software. Sites, applications, and WebAPIs, are easily testable. Use familiar unit test syntax to write expressive behaviour tests, and watch them use browser automation to navigate your applications.

If you want to start using NaughtyStep, install the package from nuget, into a class library. Then paste the browser example from the documentation pages, and run the test fixture*.

You can quickly generate suites of tests that cover the behaviour of large web applications. NaughtyStep avoids large suites becoming an overhead in themselves.

NaughtyStep features are directly in control of the contexts that they are working with. It is possible to optimise for performance in CI build situations, whilst retaining fine grained control for development.

We have just made it possible to use Selenium or watin for your browser automation requirements.

Please see the usage example to get a better idea of what can be done. Or get in touch to see if there is anything we can do to get your software off the NaughtyStep.

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