Welcome to 3Dozen, a consultancy working with large organisations to align software delivery effort with business goals. Our experts have delivered projects for leading organisations across many industry sectors, but more importantly, we have made the difference that changed the way that technical teams are viewed. This means that software products behave in the way that the business talks about them. Our practice encompasses all aspects of software delivery, from infratructure, and data, through development, and agile practice, up to integrating technical project governance to board level initiatives.


Our experts have all worked in development teams for leading dot-coms, and blue chip companies. In our time we have booked your airline seats, filled out your home shopping orders, and made sure you are getting the right medical treatment, albeit from the comfort of our developments environments. We have solved architectural problems from inside teams, and are passionate about reducing the friction that can arise due to the wrong architectural approach. We work to ensure that teams are delivering value from the word go, and ensure that organisations benefit from the experience that is so often locked away as technical information.


Successful delivery is no fluke. Over the years, we’ve seen all the methodologies, frameworks, and best practices come and go. We get the right information in front of┬ábusiness decision makers, and imbue confidence in managers to build better product ownership. The aim is always not just to build things in the best possible way, but to make sure that the right things arrive at the right time. So often, the strategic element is held away from development teams, and our expertise in enabling a conscious development practice boosts productivity, and avoids any late surprises.


3Dozen have developed an approach to governance which draws engagement from the developers upwards. In our experience, just having a top down model, creates a fertile breeding ground for code heroes, and charismatic project managers, to armour plate projects. Usually the armour plating approach is a product of inflexible governance at loggerheads with creativity, and commercial pressure. We can systematically create an enabling culture and environment, which builds faith in the governance that is required, and encourages compliance to be built in as standard rather than retrofitted as technical debt.